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In design, the saying “form follows function” is very important- how a site looks and behaves should be directly influenced by what the goal of the site is. When the function of a site is to show off technical and creative ability, it's a good excuse to do some things that may not be as “functional” in a traditional sense, as they achieve the goal of showing off my technical and creative expertise.

Making sure that the homepage is fun and interactive while still being functional was a goal of the site. I created this split design, featuring my photography work on the right and my design work on the left, with hover interactions. I also managed to translate those animations to scroll interactions on mobile so the experience is maintained on mobile devices.

Making sure that I showcase examples of my work well is of the highest importance. That's why I made sure that I featured high quality mockups with all of my case studies, highlighting the different features and benefits of each design.

Content marketing is how businesses need to be marketing themselves these days. I added a blog section to the website, for a few reasons. It is a great way to give more information to my potential customers about design. It also boosts the SEO of my site by putting more text on my site, and provides me with content for my social media. Having a blog is a win-win-win.

You would have noticed the animation that acts as an introduction to my site. It's very bold, and attention-grabbing, and that's on purpose- as a web designer, standing out online is a high priority to me.

My background in photography is what led me to design, and the fact that I know photography helps me not only in creating beautiful and functional designs, but it also comes in handy when clients need photos for their website. It was important to display my work in a simple, striking manner that tied in with the rest of the site. The photography gallery carries over the same visual language through the rest of my branding, while still keeping attention on the photos themselves.

The purpose of my site has always been to showcase my work and bring in new business. That's why access to the contact button never leaves the frame- I wanted to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to get in touch.

As with all the sites I build, mobile optimization is very important. I scaled my site to different screen sizes while making sure to keep all of the core design elements of the site front and center.

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