Flying home
One of my personal favorite photos of all time, this photo represents to me the spark that ignited my passion for photography. It was also taken in a period of my life when everything was changing, where I had no clue where my life was headed. I still don't, but it reminds me to keep flying with the winds of change. In life we are guaranteed highs and lows, adventures and downtimes, but these changes grant us an opportunity to learn, and hopefully to become better than we could have ever dreamed.
Over the rippled mountains
Te Paki Giant Sand Dunes, Northland
When Davon and I traveled North to his sister's wedding in Kerikeri, I was adamant that we go right up to Cape Reinga since we were already halfway there. Davon grew up in Northland, but I’d never been past Auckland so I felt a strong obligation to see it. I am so glad we did, it was a great trip and we got to explore these huge sand dunes at the North end of 90 Mile Beach. The far north has to be my favorite part of the island- the consistent untouched beauty of its landscape is truly something special.