Sunset peak
Te Mata Peak, Hawkes Bay
This is a record of an accidental adventure- we were trying to scope out an astrophotography spot on the eastern side of Te Mata Peak, and from where we parked it looked like an easy 20-minute jaunt; little did we know it would take over 2 hours to walk there and back, over steep hills and as darkness was falling. We got to witness this special moment of light spilling over the ranges as the sun went down though, from an angle many people would never see. It's an image I never wanted to forget, so I took this picture to remember.
Domestic flights
Bay Skate Skatepark, Napier
This was a surprisingly easy photo to capture. All it took was an observing eye, a question, and then a few moments to find my angle. This little dude was skateboarding so fast and airing so high into the air that capturing that moment he was hanging in the air was surprisingly easy since that moment was lasting so much longer than usual. In other words, the fact that he was doing his thing so well, made it shockingly easy for me to do mine.
Starry peak
Te Mata Peak, Hawkes Bay
I almost died trying to take this photo. It was about 5 degrees celsius with a strong southerly, and I was using my phone torch to find the right spot. It was going to be 5 minutes up the hill, then back into the car. Unfortunately, halfway up the hill, my phone died while I was swapping to the correct lens. I found my way to the spot in the dark, before realizing that my keys were gone. Luckily after about half an hour, someone turned up in the car park and I borrowed a torch off of them and found them in the grass. The moral of the story, always bring a real torch.
Confused sheep
Gentle Annie Highway, Hawkes Bay
Traveling over the Gentle Annie Highway from a weekend in Ohakune, Bruce and I came over the hill to be greeted by snow-capped hills. Initially, we stopped with the purpose of photographing the mountains, but my attention was slowly attracted to a flock of confused looking sheep. This was likely because of their apparent confusion at our presence, which was becoming more and more amusing as I continued shooting photos. Although it was extremely cold up there, I managed to get this shot of one of them singled out before the cold claimed my fingers.
Cairns, Australia
You can see chameleons thinking- their eyes moving this way and that, they are so odd yet fascinating; I could have sat and watched this little guy all day long.
Splayed branches
Cairns, Australia
Up in Cairns, Australia, high tide slowly erodes the beach. The base of this tree had been washed away, exposing the roots as the sea slowly fills from rising seas. This creates an interesting image- a tree that has fallen, not because of a storm, or from deforestation, but because the ground beneath it has been removed from it. This is happening more and more, faster and faster, as the seas warm and the poles melt.
Always changing
Napier, Hawkes Bay
This is a 1-minute exposure at sunset on a windy evening overlooking Napier.
How we got here
Ocean Beach, Hawkes Bay
Adventures with friends are something worth treasuring- driving along the beach at 3 in the afternoon, not knowing why or where you're going but just being along for the ride is something worth treasuring and remembering. Enjoy it while you're there, and maybe snap a photo to remember it by- this moment may mean more than you at first realize.