Our approach to photography at select is that we believe in capturing a feeling. Because all photos capture a moment, but only a great photograph can evoke a feeling in the viewer, so that is always the goal. We create current, modern imagery for a variety of purposes, including event photography, brand photography, portrait photography, and fine art photography. If you have a story you’d like captured, feel free to reach out.

Over rippled mountains

Te Paki, Northland

When Davon and I traveled North to his sister's wedding in Kerikeri, I was adamant that we go right up to Cape Reinga since we were already halfway there. Davon grew up in Northland, but I’d never been past Auckland so I felt a strong obligation to see it. I am so glad we did, it was a great trip and we got to explore these huge sand dunes at the North end of 90 Mile Beach. The far north has to be my favorite part of the island- the consistent untouched beauty of its landscape is truly something special.

Into the wind

Te Paki, Northland

We were drastically underprepared to be sandblasted by the giant 150-metre high sand dunes. To try and combat this, we wrapped our faces in our t-shirts so we could breathe without drinking sand. Also, well done to Fujifilm for making such a hardy camera that can take such punishment. I came home from this trip expecting my camera to be fried since sand is commonly known as camera kryptonite, but it's still going to this day.

Dune Conqueror

Te Paki, Northland

We managed to get to the top of the hill after a long slog. Heres Davon posing triumphantly atop the dune as if he had just conquered Mount Everest.

Domestic Flights

Bay Skate Skatepark, Napier

This was a surprisingly easy photo to capture. All it took was an observing eye, a question, and then a few moments to find my angle. This little dude was skateboarding so fast and airing so high into the air that capturing that moment he was hanging in the air was surprisingly easy since that moment was lasting so much longer than usual. In other words, the fact that he was doing his thing so well, made it shockingly easy for me to do mine.

Under cover of darkness

Havelock North Skate Park, Hawkes Bay

This was the first time using my newly purchased off-camera flash unit, and experimenting with it was like discovering a new world- the complex lighting conditions you can create are second to none, and maneuvering a flash teaches you about light in ways difficult to learn using only natural light.

Confused sheep

Gentle Annie Highway, Hawkes Bay

Traveling over the Gentle Annie Highway from a weekend in Ohakune, Bruce and I came over the hill to be greeted by snow-capped hills. Initially, we stopped with the purpose of photographing the mountains, but my attention was slowly attracted to a flock of confused looking sheep. This was likely because of their apparent confusion at our presence, which was becoming more and more amusing as I continued shooting photos. Although it was extremely cold up there, I managed to get this shot of one of them singled out before the cold claimed my fingers.

On the floor

The Cabana, Napier

Capturing the atmosphere of a concert can be difficult, since it's dark and hazy, with smoke machines and different coloured flashing lights, the environment is constantly changing with emotions and light conditions. Despite all that, I managed to steal this moment in the chaos which captured the feeling of the room perfectly.


Ahuriri, Napier

I took this photo while exploring Napier, and a few months later my family and I would find ourselves shifting here. It's a beautiful city, one that I called home for 4 years. I recommend a visit to the Art Deco city if you've never been before- there's a lot of culture and charm to the architecture, and the people are warm and inviting.

Flying home


One of my personal favorite photos of all time, this photo represents to me the spark that ignited my passion for photography. It was also taken in a period of my life when everything was changing, where I had no clue where my life was headed. I still don't, but it reminds me to keep flying with the winds of change. In life we are guaranteed highs and lows, adventures and downtimes, but these changes grant us an opportunity to learn, and hopefully to become better than we could have ever dreamed.