Apple. Coca Cola. Nike. These businesses are household names, and a big reason for that is their outstanding branding. The importance of consistent and well thought out branding cannot be understated- it is often what makes or breaks a business. At select, we work closely with businesses large and small, to craft their branding to create as big an impact as possible.

Cap Jacobs


Cap is a Napier artist who enjoys playing with shape and colour in the abstract. He has exhibited a number of times at the CAN gallery in Napier, among other places. Cap has a background in high-level electrical engineering and is also very good at getting to the core of an idea. This, combined with his creative flair and love for bold colours, is reflected in this personal identity image of him that I made.

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Nature's Sweet

Health Brand

Nature's Sweet is a New Zealand based brand of imported 100% natural sugar alternatives. Their previous branding was simply Natures Sweet written in Times New Roman. We wanted to keep the Times New Roman base, so as to not to completely disoriented existing customers. I overlapped the N and S to create this emblem, which is much more interesting and a bit more classy than the previous one. We also created 4 colour variants to be applied to the different products that Nature’s Sweet provides.

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Bay Beds Prestige

Bed Manufacturer

The Bay Beds Prestige is the second-most premiere mattress available from Bay Beds in Napier. Their top of the range mattress has a custom embroidered badge at the base of the mattress. Michael felt that the generic branding of the Prestige failed to reflect its premium position in the Bay Beds range, so I was asked to create something similar but distinct.

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Design Studio

When creating my personal branding, it mattered that it had a modern aesthetic while also being warm and inviting. I took inspiration from the space race era NASA, as well as 2010s Apple. I did my best to combine the two design philosophies together into something with a cohesive aesthetic.

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